About Us


Our Approach

At RoseCourt Strings, we focus on bringing the best customer experience, most customization, and highest performance quality to our clients. RoseCourt Strings is the only musician group in the GTA with 24/7 customer service via phone and email. We offer the most personal consultation to tailor your music selection just for your special day.

Music Selection: We will take you through the most stress-free music selection process  at your own free time and pace to help you write your own unique story through music.

Music Arrangement: RoseCourt Composers will arrange almost ANY music that you love for our musicians to learn, if your song isn't already in our playlist.

Our Story

It all started over a decade ago, a group of us (already acquainted through  attending arts schools together) had hours to kill as we waited to receive our Associate of the Royal Conservatory diplomas for Performers at the Royal Conservatory of Music, downtown Toronto at Bloor St. W. We decided it would be fun to make a few recordings of current hit songs and find a few gigs over the summer. After our first wedding performance together, we absolutely fell in love with the amazing atmosphere and even more so enjoyed seeing guests as little as toddlers to grandparents dancing freely to the sound of our music.

It did not take long for us to officially launch the RoseCourt Strings, and used our connections with the top notch players in Toronto to expand the group. Today, we have over 20 of the most qualified musicians in Toronto (graduates of the Royal Conservatory of Music, UofT; master students from Julliard; Toronto Symphony Orchestra Soloists; TSYO concertmasters, etc), and 2 music composers working to arrange more and more music for the RoseCourt Strings.

Next Steps...

Request a quote from us today and find out how you can have our award-winning musicians and their beautiful music on your special day.