String Quartet

Perfect for larger weddings (250+ guests)
Largest selection of music
Best aesthetics
Amplification available


String Trio

Most popular selection
Great for medium sized weddings (150-200 guests)
Diverse selection of music
Amplification available


String Duo

Budget friendly for ceremony and reception
Perfect for smaller weddings (<100 guests)
Large selection of music and arrangements
Amplification available


String Solo

Most budget friendly option
Good for reception music
Strongly recommended with amplification system
Not recommended for ceremony!


Can Never Go Wrong With Classical Instruments

Elegant and warm sounds combined with a huge range of music genres that it can play, makes it perfect for any wedding ceremony, reception, or events.

Whether you prefer a string quartet or string duo, you would not be disappointed by the sound and aesthetics of classical instruments.

Electric Duo - 2Strings

2Strings is a special service brought to you by the RoseCourt Strings. You will get to experience black ELECTRIC violin and cello duo, which is perfect for any reception or dinner party. Specializing in pop music, our electric duo will be the talk of the night.


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